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"I adore animals and I love painting them, all of them, big or small, longhaired or short, each one an individual character, serious, funny, handsome or ugly" More...

Working with Helen Harnett

I have been working in this barn for the past 8 years, my day begins with walking my dog & exercising my horse, I normally get into my studio around 10.30am.

I work in pastels, it's a pastel pencil called Carb Othello made by Swan Stabillo. All my commissions are achieved using these pencils, and because it's a pencil it can be sharpened to a fine point which is ideal for fine details like eyes and whiskers. The pencils are also a lot cleaner to handle.


Before I begin a painting I normally like to meet my 'model' if possible, it gives me the opportunity to glimpse at the character & to try to pick up from them a little of what the owner sees day in, day out. I take lots of photographs & then colour samples, not just using the pastels but actual hair samples, this is normally only possible with the longer haired varieties. After collecting together all the necessary information, the painting can begin!